Rebranding Florida’s Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce

2019 ACCE Awards for Communications Excellence

Website Redesign

Original Website

The original website focused too much on things, and did not accurately reflect the holistic, integrated offerings of the Chamber after re-incorporating economic development.

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New Website

The new website focuses more on people, and how the Chamber can help them. It also features more prominent calls to action.

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Evolution of the Logo

Old Logo

Transitional Logo

Final Logo

The original logo on the left had been in place for only a few years, itself having replaced a logo invoking a hurricane (also used as a symbol for a local high school sports team). It was text-heavy and busy, with colors invoking more South Beach than North Central Florida. The new logo leverages a popular abbreviation for the region (GNV), using colors that reflect the springs, warmth and greenery that surround Gainesville. It also teases out images like “heart,” “home” and even tech, one of many growing industry segments in the region.

Brand Guidelines (Transitional Logo)

The Style Guide was distributed to team members and partners during the transition to help get everyone on the same page. It was later revised to reflect the Chamber’s new name.

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Launch Video

The launch video starts with the classic live/work/play chamber message, but then transitions to an important concept from the City of Gainesville: the idea of a “New American City.” This picks up on messaging that the city had been using recently as it unveiled its own new branding campaign, and is an opportunity to show the Chamber’s alignment with the interests of its core municipality. This was later revised to reflect the new name.

Video Announcing New Name

This video, which also emphasizes the long heritage of the Chamber, appeared on social media and was played at the Chamber’s annual business awards event to announce the Chamber’s new name.

Print Campaign Samples

(Click the link to open a PDF with several print ad examples.)