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Member Profile: At Allison Ables, You Have a Super Star the Whole Way Through

Member Profile: At Allison Ables, You Have a Super Star the Whole Way Through

A month shy of walking across the stage with her University of Florida finance degree, Allison Ables sold her first house as a realtor and had a tidy sum of $8,000 to show for it.

“Well, I’ll just keep doing this,” 20-year-old Allison said at the time. “That was easy.”

Fast forward seven years and Allison Ables has set out on a mission to shake up the real estate industry. This is not without help, of course – she found time in those years to get her broker’s license, ditch the old one-stop-shop realtor model and carve out a customer-centered real estate company that uses a team-based approach to bring care and delight to one of the most significant moments in people’s lives.

Introducing the Allison Ables way of buying a house. allisonables-1

After graduating in 2009, Allison decided to stay in Gainesville and make use of the realtor’s license she got while taking a class at UF.

“It actually takes longer to get a hairdressing license,” Allison said. “From the very beginning I noticed a lot of wasted effort in the real estate business.”

Within six months of working as a realtor at Keller Williams, Allison’s boyfriend had set her up a website and she even hired two people as support staff in the office. That’s when it clicked.

“I’ll never forget the first contract I had to negotiate,” Allison said. “I had no idea what to do.”

Allison felt the training in the real estate industry was too old-school and outdated. The methodology of one realtor handling every intricate detail of each transaction in the process was never appealing to her.

“I had never done a contract before […] and I would never want someone else to feel lost and not have anyone to guide them through it.”

After obtaining her broker’s license and moving across the street to her own office space, Allison Ables…the company…was born.

From 2010 to 2015, she added a business partner and grew the company from 20 sales per year to over 400. After proving successful, Allison decided to transition to a new, team-based model to run her growing venture.

“We set a date two months out, told our agents that after that date they’d no longer be making commission; but a salary instead,” Allison said.

By specializing each function of the real estate process, Allison Ables is able to ensure its customers that each piece in the transaction is being handled by an expert. That promise is even backed up by the in-house software her team is developing, which will allow everyone in the office to work more collaboratively and deliver in a more transparent and efficient way for each customer.

“The team-based model also allows for a better quality of life for my employees,” Allison said. “Because an agent has to handle every step in the other model […] if you choose to go to your child’s soccer game you might be missing out on a sale.”


Allison Ables prides itself in not only being a customer-centered company for helping people buy and sell a home, but also in making sure their customer experience doesn’t end the moment the deal closes. Just this summer, the company started a new program called Open House for a Cause that helped bring real estate, charity and the Gainesville community under one roof.

“The idea is to stage an open house and partner up with nonprofits in the Gainesville Area,” said Nell Page, community liaison and customer advocate at Allison Ables.

For each person who walks through an Allison Ables open house, the company will give back to the nonprofit in time or in some other form of donation.

“The idea is to help people realize that because of you, someone else gets to receive,” Nell said.

See for yourself how Allison Ables goes above and beyond in taking care of all the little things along the way.


We are an energetic group of entrepreneurs and real estate fanatics. Our formula is simple – top-notch customer service, advanced technology, and passionate people.

Allison Ables works very differently than our competitors. At Allison Ables our employees and sales agents work together as a team to provide the fastest response times and best customer service possible. We are here from 9am to 6pm, seven days a week, to answer your e-mail, take your call and even chat online.

Every day we use our market knowledge, insight, and resources to help customers make informed real estate decisions. Our agents have years of experience in the neighborhoods they serve and are active members of the local, state, and national Realtor® associations.

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