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ITM Group Welcomes Angela Koivula

ITM Group Welcomes Angela Koivula

Please welcome Angela Koivula, Ph.D. to the Gainesville clinical community. She is an independent practitioner with The ITM Group, LLC in Gainesville, FL. She received her PhD from the University of Minnesota in counseling psychology. Angela has worked at five different college counseling centers. She is a generalist with specialty training in group therapy and LGBTQ populations. Angela is currently working on her professional licensure. She has interest and experience in working with depression and anxiety, recent and past trauma, grief and loss, and individuals and couples wrestling with relationship concerns of various forms. Lastly, health and fitness are cornerstones to both her personal and professional perspective on overall wellness. Subsequently, she incorporates these concepts when possible, in response to distress, as well as, a preventative measure.


As a therapist her style is best described as interpersonal and relational. She places a strong value and respect on the connection she builds with clients and respects the complexity of this relationship. She prides herself on providing clients with the support, understanding, empathy and challenge to realize their goals. To her, all individuals have within them the ability to make changes in their lives and she views her role as a facilitator of the change process. She is both warm and engaged in the therapy process, bringing her full, authentic self to the relationship.

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