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Live2Lead: Growing Your Vision Means Growing Your Workforce

Live2Lead: Growing Your Vision Means Growing Your Workforce

A critical component of a company’s growth is the ongoing investment in its employee base. Workforce development is often stopped at developing technical knowhow, but to efficiently maximize a company’s social capital, special attention needs to be given to employee soft skill training. To be precise, each company looking to make its mark should invest in leadership development.

livetoleadWhen companies embrace that the leadership team does not just include those with a ‘C’ in front of their title, they identify with the following statement made by LYFEhouse CEO Keira Simmonds.

“Each decision, no matter how big or small, will yield an effect that can alter the trajectory of an organization. It could propel the company forward, stop it dead in its tracks or worse yet, push it light years behind the curve. What we must realize is that these types of decisions are not just made from the top but throughout each level of a company. In my opinion, the most important ones are often made by those on the front lines.”

Well, what resources does Gainesville possess for organizations of every size looking to enhance its soft skill development plan? LYFEhouse, a valued chamber member, provides an affordable and accessible mean for organizations to have such a resource at its fingertips. For example, its signature event Live2Lead: Gainesville will occur on Friday, October 7, 2016 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 19 SW 1st St.

This event is a half-day leadership simulcast that allows local companies to provide quality training and maximize its resources. Training content will be delivered from the likes of leadership expert and “optimist,” Simon Sinek. Most know him from his epic TEDx talk on his award winning book, Start With Why. Chic-Fil-A CEO, Dan Cathy, will also be live simulcasted into Gainesville along with researcher and author of the “Multipliers,” Liz Wiseman. Headlining the leadership development seminar is the No. 1 leadership expert, according to the American Management Association, John C. Maxwell.
Other tools available to companies that are looking to spark their growth are virtual workshops, lunch and learns, and masterminds. For more information, visit

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