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Medical Supply Startup Options Medical LLC Relocates into Customized, State-of-the-Art Office Space in Innovation Square

Medical Supply Startup Options Medical LLC Relocates into Customized, State-of-the-Art Office Space in Innovation Square

options-medical-office-gainesvilleSuccessful healthcare supply startup Options Medical LLC recently announced a deal with Gainesville commercial real estate developer and property management company, Trimark Properties, for a newly-renovated, custom-built office space in Innovation Square.

The Gainesville-based startup, a supply company for medical, dental, and hospital equipment originating in 2012, moved into their recently completed office at 104 Innovation Square on June 1st. Trimark Properties’ award-winning design team coordinated closely with Options Medical to create a tailored space fit for the precise needs of the growing company. The 1,977 square feet office, located at 104 SW 6th Street, was transformed from a vanilla shell space into an ultramodern, state-of-the-art workplace reflective of the progressive environment of the Innovation Square community.

104-options-medical-innovation-squareOptions Medical faculty member Nicole Brockhouse, who played an influential role in the design of the new office, revealed that the company decided to relocate workplaces after their small headquarters could no longer accommodate the developing company. “Not only had we outgrown it in size, but the office didn’t really represent who we were as a company or where we were going,” she stated. “Using boxes of inventory as a temporary desk was no longer working for us!”

options-medical-officeTrimark united with Brockhouse and the Options Medical team to find a setting that was right for the company, who desired a modern, open, office space in a strategic location. The inventory enterprise eventually chose the 104 office space at Innovation Square due to its freedom of customization and position in the heart of Gainesville.

104-kitchen-options-medical-gainesvilleInnovation Square is Gainesville’s premier hub for startups and established businesses. Located between Downtown Gainesville and the University of Florida campus, Options Medical’s new office is in a prime location amid the Gainesville tech scene for networking with other burgeoning startups and attracting a workforce of talented college students.

The supply company’s move follows less than a month after another thriving local tech startup, Feathr, transferred into the 102 office building at Innovation Square. The event marketing company will be located next to Options Medical’s new office, and both businesses will neighbor other successful Gainesville firms such as Mobiquity, Fracture, Starter Space, and Mindtree.

104-office-desksOffice Customizations

Before the 104 office space was put on the market and selected by Options Medical, Trimark renovated the obsolete, poorly-lit space to make it a more spacious, modernized vanilla shell area with the ability to be customized for the future tenant’s specific needs. Trimark tore down the walls which previously segmented the interior of the office, while ceilings were elevated to 12’ to 16’ feet to create an open environment which would foster collaboration.

104-office-exterior-innovation-square-gainesvilleOptions Medical felt that starting with a blank slate available for modification was the best option for their new office space, and decided to work with Trimark to form an office space perfectly tailored for their needs. Options Medical gave Trimark’s development team a list of the top design elements that their office would need in order to function efficiently: three private offices, an open work area, a large storage room for files, a conference room, and an abundance of natural light. Trimark brought their dream to life by crafting a workplace with all of Options Medical’s requirements, along with unique design touches that transformed the office into a contemporary, luxurious space.

104-office-innovation-square-renovated-gainesvilleThe office’s floor, formerly comprised of dated tile, was upgraded to a polished stained concrete. Interior glass walls are used to separate private office areas to further contribute to a community work setting. Exposed ductwork gives the office a futuristic atmosphere, while the gourmet kitchen, complete with custom cabinetry and sleek black appliances, evokes a feeling of comfortable luxury. Trimark even worked with Options Medical for the minute details, including helping them choose the storefront glass, paint colors, and lighting. Brockhouse decorated the trendy, avant-garde space with designer light fixtures, classic wooden tables, and plenty of green plants.

104-office-lights“We wanted to keep the design of our office true to the style of the building, but also to our conservative industry,” declared Brockhouse. “A space with autonomy and flexibility – something that could grow with us. I kept the colors neutral with a lot of black and white, and added wood and leather elements to warm it up. Our new office, in a way, has helped define our company culture.”

Brockhouse and the Options Medical team were worried about the lack of light in the space, since the only natural light coming into the office was through the front door. Trimark subsequently catered to their desire for a bright space by knocking out the back wall in their conference room and adding a high-tech, roll-up glass door which allows plenty of light to illuminate the space. Brockhouse stated that “the conference room has become everyone’s favorite room.”

Trimark, which has pledged a commitment to sustainable design, additionally included energy efficient technologies and eco-friendly modifications to conserve resources and reduce negative impacts on the health of their tenants. The beautiful interior is complemented by several unique, eco-friendly features on the outside, including a paved outdoor deck, water conserving rain garden, and waterfall aqueducts.

“Options Medical wanted a comfortable, open work environment where they knew they could further expand their company,” commented Matthew Luedecke, Director of Commercial Leasing and Sales at Trimark Properties. “With their new modern, customized office located in Innovation Square, they will be able to attract additional employees, grow their clientele, and advance their business strategy with their impressive new office space, which is finally reflective of the talent and unlimited potential of the firm.”

Options Medical’s new office space has invigorated the company and created an exciting work atmosphere for staff members. “It was really important to me to create an office that our team looked forward to coming to everyday. I think our new office has helped us establish the type of culture and energy we sought to foster,” Brockhouse explained. “Between the individual offices, open work spaces, and group desks, there are spaces that work for any type of interaction, and I believe that allowing people to work where they are most comfortable increases productivity. And happy hours out on our new patio help, as well!”

It is an exciting time for Gainesville as more developing startups are choosing the city and Innovation Square as their home. The college town is quickly becoming an epicenter for both growing and established businesses, and the success of startups such as Options Medical illustrates the promising future of Gainesville’s commercial community.

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