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CareerSource Florida Reports Helping More Than 31,800 Floridians Who Got Jobs

CareerSource Florida Reports Helping More Than 31,800 Floridians Who Got Jobs

CareerSource-FloridaThe CareerSource Florida network reported in June helping 31,841 Floridians who got jobs. The network includes 24 local workforce development boards, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and 100 career centers throughout the state.

Local workforce development boards are ranked monthly based on several factors, including the number of job seekers who gain employment after being assisted in a career center or via, Florida’s job-matching and career development website; the number of available job openings in the local area; and the number of Reemployment Assistance beneficiaries who find employment after receiving workforce services.

“More than 200,000 Floridians who received assistance from the CareerSource Florida network have found jobs so far this year,” said CareerSource Florida President and CEO Chris Hart IV. “Our team of workforce professionals is dedicated to connecting Floridians in every community with meaningful career opportunities that also help businesses compete and thrive.”

The network reports since January assisting 203,665 Floridians who secured employment, as noted on the Monthly Job Placement Report developed by the Department of Economic Opportunity. A person who receives employment and/or training assistance in a career center or via and finds a job within 180 days may be reported by a local workforce development board as a placement.

During the 2014-2015 fiscal year, the CareerSource Florida network provided employment and career development assistance to 439,979 job seekers who successfully secured employment, as well as recruiting, hiring, training and related services to a record 124,336 businesses.

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