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Business Community Coalition Urges County to Launch Stormwater Task Force

Business Community Coalition Urges County to Launch Stormwater Task Force

Policy Recommendations Should Balance Environmental Protection and Affordability

The Business Community Coalition (BCC) urges the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners to establish an Alachua County Stormwater Quality Enhancement Task Force to identify and recommend policies enhancing surface and ground water quality in Alachua County. The mission would be to balance environmental protection and affordability through policy recommendations based on science and locally derived data.

“The County Commission is actively pursuing strict new regulations in the Stormwater Treatment Manual that, if implemented, would likely have an unprecedented adverse impact on affordability in our County. The Commission must ensure that the stormwater policy formulation process is deliberative, inclusive, and thoughtfully conceived—it is important for the County to have strong collaboration with the citizens who would be impacted the most,” said Dean R. Cheshire, 2016/2017 Business Community Coalition Chair.

Mr. Cheshire added, “Due to the severe impact to housing and small-business affordability these regulations would likely cause if enacted, we urge the County Commission to establish a 15-member Task Force with public and private sector appointments to develop stormwater policy recommendations. Any new stormwater regulations absolutely must be based on science and locally derived data that balance environmental protection and affordability.”

“The County Commission should not revise any stormwater regulations until after the proposed Stormwater Task Force has been established and submitted policy recommendations,” said Kamal I. Latham, BCC Liaison and Vice President for Public Policy for the Gainesville Chamber. “We urge County Commissioners to signal support for a Task Force by the June 29th at 10:30 a.m. public workshop on the Stormwater Treatment Manual at Kanapaha Veteran’s Memorial Park,” added Mr. Latham.

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