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Jackson Stoneworks Lazy Susan Campaign Expanded to Help Micanopy Middle School

Jackson Stoneworks Lazy Susan Campaign Expanded to Help Micanopy Middle School

Many of you are familiar with Jackson Stoneworks’ campaign to donate of a free granite “Lazy Susan” to anyone who donates $100 or more to a local charity. Now, Jackson Stoneworks is expanding that offer to assist Micanopy Middle School, which needs to replace 10 laptop computers lost due to theft. If you donate a working computer to Micanopy Middle School or the School Board of Alachua County, Jackson Stoneworks will give you the free granite Lazy Susan of your choice. If 1000 businesses in Gainesville upgrade only 2 computers/year, that represents 2000 computers that could be donated to Alachua County Schools to teach students how to refurbish and use computers. That is a $200,000 grass roots fund raising project if each of the computers is valued as a $100 charitable donation.

To donate a computer, contact Jackson Stoneworks Co-Founder Jack Ryals at

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