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Quick Response Training Grant, a state-funded training solution, rebranded as FloridaFlex

Quick Response Training Grant, a state-funded training solution, rebranded as FloridaFlex

FloridaFlexThe leading workforce-training program in Florida is going through a rebranding overhaul to further strengthen Florida’s position in the global marketplace.

FloridaFlex, formerly called the Quick Response Training (QRT) grant program, reimburses new or expanding businesses for customized training. The program is structured to be flexible and responds quickly to meet the business’ training objectives.

For more than 20 years, the QRT program has provided funds to growing businesses to train new employees and increase company efficiency in Florida. Through the QRT program, 130,700 new and existing employees have been trained in Florida since 1993, and 37,000 people are currently enrolled in the training process.

CareerSource Florida, the state’s workforce policy and investment board, receives $12 million annually from the state to fund the QRT program; however, CareerSource Florida recognized in 2014 that there was a need to update the program’s marketing. FloridaFlex will serve the economy and business environment today and remain relevant in the future, while impacting growing industries in the most efficient way possible. Through this employer-driven program, Florida is able to effectively retain and attract businesses creating new high-quality jobs.

Moving forward with the idea of FloridaFlex, the Florida Legislature allocated $100,000 to create a marketing campaign for the project, which was awarded to Starmark of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The company has created a distinctive logo and comprehensive marketing strategy, which includes website enhancements and outreach tools with the hope to increase the awareness and recognition of FloridaFlex.

The revamped system will have a more flexible, simple grant application process to support an increase in earning potential of a company. FloridaFlex will give Florida businesses the ability to innovate and expand through employee training and qualification programs. To find out how your business qualifies, visit

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