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A Letter to Chamber Members from University of Florida Director of Athletics Jeremy N. Foley

A Letter to Chamber Members from University of Florida Director of Athletics Jeremy N. Foley

The University of Florida athletic program is beginning another year of competition. Gator fans everywhere can take great pride in knowing that their teams succeeded in achieving a top-ten finish in the national Director’s Cup national all-sports ranking.

The world of intercollegiate athletics is growing more competitive and demanding every year, and the University of Florida prides itself on consistently competing at the highest level. In order to continue to succeed at this level, we must have the hard work and cooperation of not only coaches, student-athletes, and support staff, but of boosters, fans and members of the community such as you. One of the most important elements in our success is strict compliance with NCAA rules. We believe that our past successes can be duplicated in the future, as long as we continue to work hard, do the right things and stay in compliance with NCAA rules.

This is where we need your help, as we cannot do it along. We believe that educating you about rules that apply to our student-athletes and asking for your assistance to ensure they are being followed is the best way to achieve our goal of doing things right.

While community support is key to our success, it is important to know the limits of what community members can do as it relates to student-athletes. Please remember that noon may provide prospective student-athletes with any type of incentives to attend Florida, nor is it permissible for current student-athletes to receive extra benefits. Extra benefits are defined as benefits not available to the student body or general public as a whole. These actions have serious consequences for the eligibility of the student-athlete as well as for the University. While athletes will be held accountable for their actions, the UAA is held accountable for the actions of boosters, fans and community members, which is why we try to educate as many groups as possible.

The UAA has developed, in addition to its summer jobs program, specific procedures for those student-athletes wishing to work during the academic year. In order for student-athletes to work during the academic year, they must first receive written approval from the Head Coach. Academic Counselor, the Financial Aid Office and the Compliance Office. These procedures were established to make certain that no student-athlete’s eligibility would be put in jeopardy. Please contact the UAA if you are interested in providing employment either during the summer or the academic year.

Please go to the UAA compliance site ( for very important NCAA rules. Failure to comply with these rules could result in severe ramifications for the University of Florida. Again, we need your help to ensure compliance. If you have any questions at all, please call our Compliance Office at 375-4683 and ask for Jamie McCloskey or Kim Green.

We appreciate your continued support of our program. We strive to continue to be one of the nation’s best athletic programs and need the efforts of everyone to help us achieve this goal.


Jeremy N. Foley, Director of Athletics
The University of Florida

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