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A Gainesville Solution to Tech-Driven IT Workforce Trends

A Gainesville Solution to Tech-Driven IT Workforce Trends

Technology changes often have unanticipated consequences on us people and professionals, according to Paul Gillin in his article, “How Cloud is Changing the IT Workforce,” on

“Email increased the speed of business. The Web made every buyer an informed shopper. Smartphones are changing the way the world interacts. And the impact of the cloud is only beginning to be felt,” writes Gillin.

“Though still nascent, cloud-driven workforce trends are beginning to emerge for Gainesville IT workers and the companies that hire them,” observed Gainesville Dev Academy Co-founder Duncan Kabinu.

Gillin asserts that these implications universally are likely to include small business access to more powerful, cloud-based technology, and the ability of IT workers with business skills to command a higher premium.

“In coming years, IT professionals will be expected to provide more business and strategic value to employers,” said Gainesville Area Chamber Interim President/CEO Susan Davenport. “The contributions of IT workers will move away from strictly support and into the realm of strategy, as evidenced by recent scholarly and expert perspectives.”

Along with Co-founder Josh Greenberg, Kabinu recently launched the Gainesville Dev Academy as an industry-led bridge between technical training and practical workplace knowledge for IT workers based on the needs of companies inside the region. The Dev Academy also works in partnership with the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, CareerSource North Central Florida, the University of Florida and Santa Fe College to advance its goals.

“Our region has to be able to demonstrate that in addition to being rich in technical knowledge, its IT workforce also has practical business skills needed to contribute strategically to business goals,” said Kabinu.

Other cloud-driven implications to workforce demand as noted by Gillin are anticipated to include small business-access resources previously available to larger companies that could afford them. Changes in software use and integration, increasing needs for data-management as a core competency and the need for ongoing skills development also will play a role.

This article was adapted from “How the Cloud is Changing the IT Workforce,” on Click here for full article:

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