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Swamp Head Celebrates 64oz Growler with “Growler Day”

Swamp Head Celebrates 64oz Growler with “Growler Day”

Swamp Head Brewery will celebrate a recent legislative victory on Wednesday, July 1 by selling and filling the 64oz growler, a glass jug used to take draft beer for consumption away from the brewery.

The long awaited approval of the sale of the 64oz growler comes after years of legislative battles surrounding the issue. While 32oz and 128oz growlers have always been legal in Florida, the 64oz has not.

Swamp Head will celebrate craft beer’s legislative victory by hosting a “Growler Day” celebration at their brewery. The event will feature discounts on the newly legal container and will allow customers to fill their growlers with beer that is usually only available for consumption in a glass at the brewery.

“We have been looking forward to this day for years,” said brewery owner Luke Kemper. “It is nice to see that Florida is giving so much support to craft breweries.”

Swamp Head Brewery recently went through a large expansion and is now located at 3650 SW 42nd Way. The brewery has tripled production capacity and increased sales throughout Florida.

The brewery’s tasting room, “The Wetlands,” resembles the setting of a small bar and provides tastings, tours and the craft brewery experience to visitors.

More information about Swamp Head Brewery and the Growler Day event can be found on their website at

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