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Great News for Travel Agents

World Class Travel is experiencing a surge in old and new clients thanks to the media consistently reporting the resurgence of travel professionals in the estimation of consumers.  Many travelers who historically used the Internet for their travel bookings are shifting back to using travel professionals. Tales of the perils of booking online are not new – in fact, there are sites devoted to travel horror stories. What’s new is the tone of the recent articles that are not just indicating that self- booking is both time consuming and dangerous, but also that using a traditional travel agent is a better alternative.  Online booking engines are accessible, they empower the consumer, and they promise value. That’s it. Right there are the three reasons people use online resources. That, and the fact that the largest of the online companies have spent combined billions of dollars since the late 1990’s shaping public perception. Reliable local travel agents offer unbiased counseling and a wider product line that you may find online. When have you ever found Southwest or Jet Blue on an airline search engine?  When it comes to booking flights travel agents add value by considering the recent flight reliability statics, explaining penalties and baggage limitations and fees and offer upgrade seating options which you may otherwise not know about or consider. When it comes to planning a vacation there is no substitute for first-hand experience to maximize your precious time and budget.  At World Class Travel our group of agents each with their own specialty can offer suggestions and direction to make your dream vacation unfold seamlessly. Think of utilizing the varied services of a local travel agent the next time you have a trip to plan.

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