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Coquí Announces Design Completion of Alachua Facility, Increase to $330 million in capital investment

Coquí Announces Design Completion of Alachua Facility, Increase to $330 million in capital investment

Coquí Pharma, who announced their expansion to Alachua, FL last year and the creation of 164 new jobs and a capital investment of approximately $250 million, announced a very successful first quarter and the completion of the schematic design of their $330 million medical isotope production facility to be built in Alachua, FL, signaling a significant increase from the original estimate. They also unveiled some of their first renderings, which were featured in the most important nuclear news and business outlets around the world including World Nuclear News.

coqui rendering

Along with Argentinian nuclear engineering firm INVAP, Coquí Pharma also contracted multi-disciplinary architectural, engineering and environmental firm Gresham, Smith and Partners for the project. GS&P designed the 250,000 square foot facility to make a statement in supporting the global movement for environmentally sustainable design, construction and operational practice. Coquí Pharma will operate on a minimum energy consumption rate with limited carbon dioxide emissions by mitigating solar exposure and enhancing the control of daylight throughout the building. Water efficiency also played a pivotal role in the design process, with the most effective use of water inside the facility as well as for the lush, tropical landscaping to be employed.

This is a major milestone as they work toward becoming the first U.S. commercial supplier of the lifesaving radioisotope, Molybdenum-99, and will soon enter the detailed design phase.

Also during the first quarter, Coquí Pharma was named a “Business to Watch” by the influential Florida Trend magazine, and was featured in the Argentinian magazine, Revista Energia Nuclear Hoy.

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