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Chamber Legislative Priorities Pending Final Legislative Proceedings

Chamber Legislative Priorities Pending Final Legislative Proceedings

The Florida House of representatives unexpectedly adjourned early on Tuesday, April 28, ending the 2015 regular legislative session for state representatives, but not for Florida Senators, who continued to pass bills on April 29, but departed without the traditional end-of-session activities and did not return after that day. Senate President Andy Gardiner drafted a letter to the House and Governor Rick Scott, calling for a special session beginning June 1, but at the time this article was written, had not receive a response. We will watch for future developments and keep you informed.

Several bills included in the Chamber’s Legislative Agenda are unresolved as a result of the House’s early departure, among them legislation that aimed to permanently end the state’s Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment Sales & Use Tax, and reduce both the commercial leases tax and communications sales and services tax. Legislators are required by law to pass a state budget before June 30, 2015. A Special Session now must happen for legislators to meet this requirement. There is a possibility that some of the Chamber’s outstanding legislative priorities could be resolved through the appropriations process during this time.

We will keep you posted as new developments arise.

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